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Specially designed for the Korean market with the cutting-edge technology, which has been the leader in LED auditorium lighting around the world for the past 15 years, the FIDELITY Series provides the best lighting for places that need delicate production, such as theaters, event halls, arenas, and churches.

Perfect dimming such as tungsten in the FIDELITY Series and abundant white light in the CRI 98 are flexible and effectively controlled by DMX/RDM.

There are options for landfill type, yoke type, pendant type, and acoustic reflector type.

GDS Korea's reliable companion

PARTNERSHIP Luci Della Ribalta

Founded in 1997, "Lucci della Rivalta" ("LDR") is a global lighting company headquartered in northern Italy with its own design and assembly facilities.

Based on high-quality product quality, innovative design, and excellent service to meet customer needs, LDR has a high reputation and rapid growth in all areas that require high-quality products, including opera houses, theaters, TV studios, schools, museums, and rental companies.

Based on this high reputation, it is leading the market by increasing the share of LDR in the world's most famous entertainment spot.


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