Wooridle Church

Our church is one of the largest churches in the area, located in Pangyo, Seongnam, and is a large church that can accommodate 2,500 people at a time, consisting of six stories.

Our church management committee decided to upgrade the existing lighting system around the 10th anniversary and soon appointed Hansam System to carry out the project.

Kim Tay Han, Hansam Systems' sales team, decided to use GDSK's new next-generation LED dimmer because of significantly improved light consistency and significantly reduced maintenance costs over time.

For the first time, GDSK was given the opportunity to fully design the structure of Korea's main chapel, and the project had to take into account the characteristics of many different spaces, including the entire building's lighting level, a huge ground-floor seating area, a large balcony area, and a four-story auditorium-style sanctuary, as the upgraded facility had to maintain the style of the existing lighting structure as required by the site.