GDS KOREA is a place where passionate people with great skills and talents work together. We carry out every step of the lighting project, from initial conceptualization to completion.

Our Vision

GDS KOREA is more famous as a manufacturer of innovative lighting products and control systems that have transformed the entertainment industry around the world.

We have been a global success in entertainment lighting, delivering world-class solutions, growing into a core company within the industry, while continuing to drive change in the marketplace.

Since the launch of GDS KOREA, we have continued to develop brands in the entertainment industry, and by launching the GS1000 through market expansion, we are leading our wider range of products, customer response and collaboration into new areas.

This exceptional new range combines with our extensive lighting expertise to solve new problems and realize the dream of lighting in more architectural and entertainment environments around the world.



Each lighting and control solution product is manufactured precisely. GDS KOREA's enthusiastic manufacturing team manages all aspects of product manufacturing, assembly and testing to perform rigorous quality checks on all products that are put into each project.


GDS KOREA was founded on innovative ideas and R&D teams are constantly working to develop new technologies. R&D teams leverage their electronics, technology, hardware and engineering expertise to deliver a wide range of skills and enable new product design requirements or custom projects to proceed immediately.

Sales & Marketing

A dedicated sales & marketing team supports, manages, and delivers superior customer service throughout any project. GDS KOREA's lighting designers are assigned to all the Entertainment and Architecture projects they are working on to make their lighting vision a reality by specifying a more appropriate product.


Accounting teams manage day-to-day business finances and develop a company growth strategy. It also manages all functional aspects of the GDS KOREA company.

Technical Engineering

The technical engineering team builds on valuable knowledge of lighting products and control systems to support on-site commissioning and product technical support, customer training, and post-service. You can contact us at any time on the Technical Support page.

Project Engineering

Project engineering is at the heart of the GDS KOREA Special Projects service and develops new and existing products to meet the exact needs of the customer. The entire process of manufacturing, production and design is organically conducted through collaboration between multiple personnel.